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imageimageFeel lucky and privileged to be featured in this months professional hairdressing magazine.
The collection Really, Really, Really Wanna Zigazig Ah!
In the 20th year of the spice girls releasing wannabe and kick starting a generation of girls who believed in gender equality so myself and 5 others were picked as some of the favourite barbers and men’s hairdressers In the industry to shoot a collection on female models.The theme of my photos was inspired from the 1920’s when gender equality was at a high rise , this was caused by the war . When women started to bob their hair they couldn’t go to the neighborhood salon, because they didn’t exist then! Bobbing was done at home , It was a major shock for barbers because the men’s sacred place was being invaded by women who wanted to look like men. Barbers had to quickly learn to cut women’s hair, by the end of the twenties the women’s only salon industry exploded. Doing the shoot for professional hairdressing magazine has been by far one of my favourite hairdressing events in my career. I felt honoured and got so much inspiration to take back to my salon from working along side Alan Beak , Darren Webster and Lynndy Rolfe. Would like to thank Professional Hairdressing Magazine , Liam Oakes photography , Mayte Drew Model and Wowpowmakeupartistry.image

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