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September in the sun!

After a rather hectic but wonderful few months spent over the summer spent adjusting to being a new Mum again, breastfeeding Tommy, taking care of my family and working back in my salon (which wasn’t long after being home let me tell you!), we decided to take a much needed break away in Greece and our first holiday as a foursome!!

Hairdressing has always been my passion and I’ve always pushed boundaries to improve my knowledge and skills, particularly in cutting and styling however one of my goals was to learn how to do ‘put ups’ which I have not yet specialised in. So being the eager beaver that I am, combined with my passion for hair, I saw our break as an ideal opportunity to get back to basics and learn how to braid, or plait as some of you may call it!

Braided styles have become a real fashion statement over this past year and somewhat reinvented. From classic and simple pretty plaits, halo and bed head braids, to fashionable fishtails and more intricate plaited updos, there really is so many variations to suit all types of hair!
So whist down at the poolside one day I was keen to get my ‘braid on’ and after a quick glance around, I realised there were many ‘models’ on hand to start practising! So I didn’t waste any time in rallying round some willing volunteers to use as dummies, as well as practising on my own hair (I was quite literally the official hairstylist of the kids club too!).
I actually found that my braiding skills were quite good and it was much easier than I first imagined! I’m a long way off where I’d like to be with my ability to do updo styles but it has made me realise how much more I can and want to learn, and if you really are passionate about your work (which for me, goes without saying!) then your drive will help you on your journey… matter where’s you are!!IMG_1444IMG_1445

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