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Tribute Show 2017

So this year I attended the ‘Tribute’ show for the very first time! Located in London’s West End at the Novello Theatre, it was absolutely packed and buzzing with like minded creative hairdressers! I was really lucky to be invited to the show on behalf of Wahl for their exciting new launch, ‘The Wahl Style Collection’D804AFE0-5D90-4AA0-AB3D-6A0F0E675F70

The show consisted of 5 top hair artists who each had two models and 20 minutes on stage to demonstrate various styles! One artist who really impressed me was Skyler McDonald, where she created some stunning colour marbling, using a live model and suspending her hair into water and wet paint to create the effect! I loved how innovative her idea was and it was literally ‘hair art’!!

So now I’d like to talk more about WHALS amazing new launch. They have collaborated with the very talented Hooker & Young 8E1AEBC7-4A57-407A-A743-9C7A41E11F94
to bring us two brand new and exiting styling tools that being invited to the launch ment I was one of the first to see them in the flesh the tools have been Co designed together and in development for 2 years, the sleek new range includes a multifunction hair dryer with silencing function, three heat settings, and quick dry air flow just to name a few of its fantastic features! The second product are ceramic contoured plated styling irons, with ultra fast heat up and cool down, an optimum heat auto setting and instant touch controls! I am super excited about both of these new products and overall I find the whole concept, skills and ideas of Wahl to be the very best in the industry! Coming away from the show has ultimately given me new inspiration and drive to better and enrich my own hairdressing skills and I’m sure ‘The Style Collection’ tools will be my next ‘must have’ products!!55DA0E68-AEFA-44F9-B528-1B21FC5845D7

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