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Pro Hair Live

Last weekend i attended Pro Hair Live 28th-29th February in Manchester. Its packed with all the tools in the industry that any hairdresser/salon could need. I brought a new pair of the famous Matakki Scisssors they’re amazing , i also bought a new pair of Wahl clippers which i’m also in love with. I feel this is not only a boost for businesses but fills you with motivation , current styles , ideas and up and coming trends.12795336_1046642838725217_2245439793509397695_nI feel that it is very important to keep improving and events like this are perfect for that. I think there’s always room in this trade to perfect trends and skills. My favourite things about Pro Hair Live was the famous Wahl St a unique concept which involved many of the leading barbering and male grooming products together to show case the latest techniques, trends and products.

Mary Porter also attended the show on stage with lots of ideas on how the hairdressing industry is moving forward with technology. I also felt that Andrew Collinge put on a really good show, i was very lucky to spend the whole weekend up in manchester and 2 whole days at this amazing event , Pro Hair Live also put on a great after party to put an end to a fantastic weekend!12718230_1047308201992014_1444216973974118668_n

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