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Balancing a new born and a business


As you all know, I brought my little baby boy Tommy William Sheldon into the world this year on the 29th of May – Yes, a bank holiday! Who knew that he’d come on my first day off and it was by far one of the most wonderful events of 2017.

kenlee n baby

However, raising two young boys whilst running a business isn’t as easy as some may imagine. This year has definitely been challenging to say the least, and I’m so proud of myself for what I have overcome and achieved this year, despite the struggles along the way. I have come to realise that my passion for hairdressing stretches even further than I thought as I refused to put my business on hold whilst being a mum with a new born. I didn’t want to take much maternity leave, as I didn’t want to let any of my customers down, leaving them to find a new hairdresser for nine months. I feel to lucky and grateful to be somebody who genuinely loves their job, as not many people can say the same.

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Managing a business from home can be difficult, as I have to play the role of the manager, hairdresser, marketing PR and receptionist, all whilst being a mum; but it has certainly improved my ability to multitask. Now, I can easily put mascara on whilst making fish fingers, chips and peas for my boys without batting an eyelid, and manage my bookings and emails whilst singing the alphabet (eat your heart out superwoman!)

little boybub









S0, now looking back, were these past six months of sleepless nights and juggling a new born and a business worth it? Hell yes! One of the best things about being your own boss is being able to choose when to have time for yourself and your family, such as choosing to do the school run or going to a school play, which is amazing especially when you have young children. Trying to overcome morning sickness and having to express milk in a public loo was difficult, but I did it, even whilst at a hairdressing exhibition in London. Nothing was going to stop me from attending the latest hairdressing exhibitions as they keep me constantly inspired.

exhibition pregs

I love being able to juggle being my own boss whilst being at home with my boys, which allows me to go on lovely walks with the pram and I even managed to breast feed my youngest until he was four and a half months old.

breast feeding

My partner, Richard, is extremely supportive and encourages my passion of hairdressing, making it easier to mould a business and family that I am truly proud of.

Over the Christmas period, I had my whole salon revamped and I’m ready to kick off 2018 with a bang, meeting and working alongside new well known hairdressing icons and surrounding myself with some of the best in the business. I am excited about the year ahead, for my business and my family, as I have a lot to look forward to and a lot more to achieve within my career. So, looking back on this year I can definitely say that balancing my own business, whilst caring for Tommy was well worth the struggle and sleepless nights, as it is one of my greatest achievements.

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