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Hair masks, which ones for you, what do they do?

We all no what hair masks are yet I find it shocking when I ask my clients if they use them the answer is 90% NO why because most of you don’t really understand what they do I bring a product junkie I educate all of my clients about why a hair mast is essential 359CB91B-5BE0-4928-B4F8-C393047A5F3A






Brittle, frizzy, damaged and lack of shine, that is what 90% of us are feeling about our hair especially after this year I’m sure it has been the longest winter in record with snow at Easter  Winter is not always on my side, from running out of your warm house into your freezing car, and im terrible for switching on on the heating on full blast so I can walk around in a vest our  skin suffer as well as your hair, this is where conditioning treatments come in.

I’ve tried a lot of different hair products over time, the products mentioned are the best so far, CHANGE is also essential our hair gets used to things so even if you have a favourite you maybe need to try a new one so you can switch between them I  have used all of them and go back to them as and when required depending on the needs of my hair, So if your feeling hair blues at the moment, i’ve gathered together my top 4  so out with the ones that are not working for you, and in with new amazing products to make a big change to your confidence and leaving your hair feeling completely hydrated.

Not all hair masks are the same, they have different uses, consistencies, some will work miracles on your hair, others may not be right for you, so it is always best to do your research to find out which treatment is suited to your hair type and lifestyle. 

How Often Do I Need To Use A Conditioning Treatment?

I would suggest to use a mask/treatment on your hair at least once a week, if not twice, depending on how dry/damaged you feel your hair is at that current time. Hair treatments cannot repair split ends. Once they have formed you need to have them cut off, but… treatments can prevent dry hair becoming split. So even if your hair feels ok after a period of time, i would definitely continue to treat your hair once a week with a hair treatment to keep it at it’s very best.

My Top 4 Products To Try & What They Are used For

Each conditioning treatment is designed for different unique purposes.









this is for all you ladies with frizz problems it formulated for medium to think dry hair which tends to be extremely dehydrated is a very creamy, rich deep conditioner.

With continued use it hydrates and conditions while dramatically improving hair textures, elasticity, shine and manageability. Infused with antioxidants-rich argon oil and nourishing ingredients.

It treats hair in 5-7 minutes providing protein and moisture where needed and adding a beautiful shine. 










This is definitely the one for you ladies out there with fine lank hair it’s designed for damaged, dry and coloured hair, it is an intensive masque for easy styling and sleek hair which strengthens the hair against damage  breakage. It enhances softness leaving your locks feeling healthy and full of vanity.










This is a cosmetic product which will repair and strengthen damaged hair. It is enriched with natural tree extracts and is based on the NuTREE active ingredients. 

This is one of my favourites as it’s one of the most natural products, it’s sulphate and paraben free and I generally find when using this masque that the hair still blow-dry’s really nice as some intense masques can make the hair really fly away but I never have that problem with this one

And it also suits the majority of my clients which is an extra bonus.

Aveda damage remody 

Aveda Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment 150ml    £29.50

Another amazing product, an instant feel of hair recovery. This conditioning treatment is designed for reconstructing and repairing brittle hair damaged from chemical treatments i.e, pre-lightening/colouring services. Since embracing Aveda into my haircare collection my hair has felt nourished and smooth, the formula consistency is slightly thicker than i would normally use but you can instantly feel your hair absorbing the Intensive Treatment and feeling totally nourished.

This Intensive weekly treatment packed with quinoa protein, strengthens damaged and chemically treated hair with deep repairing qualities. Leaving hair feeling healthy, smooth and strong.

So…How do i use it?

Use once a week, after shampooing, smooth Aveda evenly through damp hair from roots to ends, Leave in 2-5 minutes and rinse thoroughly, Style as you wish.

For best results use in conjunction with Damage remedy daily hair repair.

Thankyou for reading my blog please share with your friends 

Kenlee xx

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