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Salon International 2016

As autumn falls upon us, hairdressers around the UK anticipate the biggest and best event of the year, the Salon International hairdressing exhibition. The event offers a wide range of exciting interviews, live sessions, conferences, showcases and competitions, which aid hairdressers with further knowledge, skills and of course, entertainment. I would highly recommend that you go to one if you wish to gain greater knowledge and stay on top of current trends, and believe me – once you go, you’ll want to go every year!

This year was definitely the most exciting so far as I entered Wahl’s competition for British Barber of the year. My journey began last year when I met Simon Shaw, the European Artistic Director for Wahl, and he really encouraged me to boost my barbering skills and enter in this year’s competition. This year I have been focused on improving my barbering and mentoring skills whilst keeping up with the current trends in barbering. I have done a lot of training this year, as well as watching barbers work and I’ve gained many great contacts within the industry throughout my journey. I had a brilliant time participating in the competition and I was extremely proud of how well I did, especially considering that it was my first ever competition.

My creations was based on a vintage 50’s look but with a modern twist. As Grease is my all time favourite film and I love the style within the film, John Travolta was also a main source of inspiration for the competition. I was extremely pleased with the outcome of my haircuts and the photographs that were taken for each of them. Here are a few of my photos from Wahl’s competition:

pb-1                       grease-1

pb-2                       grease-2

pb-3                        grease-3

The winner of Wahl’s British Barber of the year 2016 was Cork based Andrea Raymond, who travelled down to London to compete and won with a simple but stylish cut. Congratulations!













Kenlee xx

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