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20th MTV Europe Music Awards held at Ziggo Dome - Press Room Featuring: Rita Ora Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands When: 10 Nov 2013 Credit: Lia Toby/


829ded594d4f968264b3cb2d77f76665large-msg-134246952921Forget hair envy and embrace the wonderful wig! With celebrities changing the colour and length of their hair overnight, it is so easy to get caught up in the moment and run to your hairdresser to opt for the change only to awake the next morning to see that your celebrity crush had just been experimenting with wigs.

The wig is quickly becoming the most powerful tool in a hairdresser’s bag of tricks, with lace front wigs becoming more and more in demand from salon and celebrity clients. Wigs are a great way of changing your look instantly, helping you give your hair a break from chemical treatments and heated tools or even experimenting with colours and lengths before opting for a dramatic change. We have seen many celebs playing with different wigs, from our hair crush Kylie Jenner changing her hair on a daily basis to Rita Ora going from Hollywood glamour to punk rocker overnight and Katy Perry rocking every colour of the rainbow         and not forgetting Nicki Minaj with her overnight hair changes, who’d of noticed Adele wearing a big and bouncy and short wig!

tumblr_nmrechMirs1u0737co1_540Front lace wigs are extremely comfortable to wear due to upgrade of lace that is used these days with the likes of Swiss lace and French lace being a firm favourite because of the light weight material and also for the seamless blend to make you question whether they are wearing a wig not.

To make the wig look like its your own firstly find a hairdresser that specialises in either applying lace frontals or front lace wigs without the use of glue to secure it to your hair line, so many hairdressers apply lace front wigs using glue and apply it around the weakest and finest areas of the head which can lead to thinning or balding. People use wigs for a multitude of reasons; a lot of people use wigs as a protective style to avoid damaging their own hair or going for a drastic length or colour change it’s a great way for you to visually see the result. Also my top tip for camouflaging your lace, especially if you have a deep parting would be to flip the wig inside out and along the parting, also apply your foundation to the lace front this will give you a flawless camouflaged blend so the hair looks like its growing from your scalp.

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